About Andrea

Andrea is an unapologetic coffee addict, but her other vices include cookies, raspberries, black licorice, and red wine (albeit not together). She prefers cats to dogs, loves the color Sapphire, and has the odd habit of not sharpening pencils but going out to buy new ones instead. She has an eclectic tastes in friends, music, and books. Married with a daughter and a son, but no pets, she is a professional pleasure consultant, part-time writer, and full-time impulsive creative.

The Collective

  • Ariescapes

    Code, Art, & all the things that have found it's home on the internet. Once called Arie Designs, Ariescapes is Andrea's ART Portfolio with the occassional custom code tinkered in.

  • Aubrey Queen

    The beautiful and delicate alter-ego, Aubrey Queen is the home for all of Andrea's published work. Fantasy, Urban, and the ocassional tasty Erotic snack.

  • Archium Archive LLC

    Self Publishing Collective.
    Coming Soon.


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media, all public accounts are under Ariescapes.